Hope is Enough started from a passion to see peoples' lives changed for the good. It's the idea that even in hopeless situations, good can be found.

Hope is Enough provides an outlet for people looking to get hope or give hope (or both!) – a place for stories to be shared, for encouragement to be found, and to foster a lifestyle of living out hope.

We exist to be a community of hopefuls – people who seek to make a difference in the lives of others through supporting, listening, loving, and serving.

We believe that every day is an opportunity to live out the hope we have found and to support our communities and others around us. Hope gives us the opportunity to choose how we respond to whatever life may bring us. So wherever you find yourself in your journey, know that you are not alone. Hope is Enough!
Jonathan Drake
(Bio Written by Jordan Hester)

Let me introduce you to one of the most gifted and passionate individuals I've had the privilege of knowing. Jonathan puts his heart into everything he does from work to friendships, to serving and creating, he is constantly seeking to give his best and so much more. Jonathan treats everyone he meets like a friend and is always seeking to make others feel welcomed and valued. From the first time we hung out, I knew Jonathan was one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" friends because of his intentionality and heart for others. He's been an older brother, constant encourager, and my best friend. It's already been an incredible journey blazing the trail with Jonathan for the start of such a God-appointed dream.

Jonathan is a multi-media guy with amazing skills ranging from video to web-design. More remarkable than his talents, it's his personality and ability to connect with anyone that makes him a fantastic work partner and friend. He is always dreaming of new ideas and bringing excellence (and humor) to every area of his life. Jonathan continues to teach me daily what it truly means to love God, love people, and how to be a better friend.

Jordan Hester
(Bio Written by Jonathan Drake)

This is my best friend. Jordan has a gift and that gift is generosity. He is the most loving, caring, and giving person that I have ever known. It was evident when we sat down for the first time and had a conversation that God had brought us together for a reason. Jordan has become a member of my family and has even earned the nickname "Juncle"... (Jordan + uncle) to my son Cannon. I've been so proud to be on this journey with him as we have prayed through the direction God wants us to go with Hope is Enough. Jordan is incredibly gifted with words, and he just gets it. He and I both share a desire to see our world impacted for Jesus through sharing stories of Hope and redemption.

Jordan is a communications and marketing guy, but it's his heart that really draws people towards wanting to be around him. Anyone would tell you the same; Jordan gives off an energy that is contagious. He is selfless and constantly pursues how he can help others way before thinking of himself. I'm grateful to have such an incredible friendship and working partnership with this man. He is truly one of a kind.