About Our Founder

Hope is Enough began out of three very difficult life-changing events in a 30 Day time period. It was only because of Jonathan's faith in Christ that he saw these events as an opportunity to tell his story and ultimately provide a way for others to find Hope in their hopeless situations.

Jonathan's background is rooted in film and design. His goal in starting Hope is Enough was to find people who had a story to tell. All of us at some point have experienced an event that caused us to question the world around us. But it is through these events that we can grow stronger and help others who will experience similar events in their own life. Jonathan's passion is for people to find Hope when they are hopeless

The purpose of Hope is Enough has always been for people to find a place where they can know they are not alone. Jonathan's story shows that not only is God faithful, but He has created a platform that will serve in helping others find joy again after difficult events. Jonathan is committed to building a community for people who need just that.

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